As March quickly approaches so does Physical Fitness Testing at DES! The Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge is loved by some and dreaded by others. As a kid I loved the competition aspect of the challenge and it was always my goal to score in the Presidential Range on the test! Would I always score Presidential, no, but did I try my very best each year, yes! 

I want to encourage parents and kids alike not to be afraid of fitness testing but to see it as a challenge. Encourage your child to do the very best they can and give 100% effort! Each child is only in competition against themselves, not anyone else. Just like the students have been preparing for benchmark tests throughout the school year all of the activities we do in PE are preparation for the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. If you would like to practice the events that are specific to the challenge go to and you will find the information about the Physical Fitness Test and how each activity is scored under the Choose a Challenge tab. Students at DES will be doing curl-ups, shuttle run, endurance run/walk, right angle push ups and the v-sit and reach.

If you have any questions about testing leave a message in the comments section under the blog or in the contact section of this website!

I love teaching PE and I hope all of my students love PE as well!!!!!

Mrs. Lindsay