This weekend Kyle and I went to Russellville to watch the last conference meeting of Arkansas Tech University and Delta State University. When I was a student at TECH it didn't matter what sport was in season, if we were playing Delta State it would always be a great game, and Saturday was not a let down to say the least! In my husbands words "that was the best girls basketball game I have ever seen played at any level" and I totally agree! Both teams showed great athleticism and drive throughout the entire game. I am happy to report that the Arkansas TECH Golden Suns took the victory in their last conference game against DSU! The mens teams also played well and the TECH Wonderboy's took the win by a mile!

While at the game I was also pleased to see kids who still loved being kids! Everyday I see so many girls and boys who are afraid to do something or like something just because they think their peers would not approve. I remember having those thoughts and feelings as a junior high and high school student but not as a kid in elementary school. I would encourage everyone big or small to take a cue from my little friend in this picture - - she doesn't care what anyone else thinks, she wants to be a fun, crazy fan and support the team she loves! We should all be as bold as she is in everything we do! It is easy to fall into the same mold as everyone else, but I hope we can all develop a new self confidence in ourselves and break away from the mold to create a new one that fits each of us perfectly in our own way! The world would be a boring place if we all looked the same and did the exact same thing every day, so try something new, don't be afraid to like something your friends might think to be a little silly, or try and activity or sport that everyone else does not play, mainly just don't be afraid to BE YOURSELF!